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About Us

Your Memories

Mounting your photos under acrylic will turn your memories into Art. Just choose your image, format and size and we will do the rest.
The Owner

Kristabelle Jarver

Life is busy and it feels like it keeps getting busier. From work and travel to kids and pets as well as everything else in between, there is always somewhere to be and something to do. However, the silver lining of being busy means we’re constantly creating memories and moments to capture. 

When I was planning a move with my family interstate, I came across boxes of CDs and USBs with my precious wedding, travel and newborn photos. I realised, while technology has helped us capture these snapshots faster and more regularly it has taken away the focus on printing and hanging memories which used to allow us to relive precious moments every day. 

Having grown up in the photography industry and operating a gallery that showcases renowned Australian landscape images as wall art that is displayed in collectors’ homes across the world, I decided to turn my own photos into wall art for my home. From there Me Then We was born, a celebration of life’s journey and the many special milestones along the way.

Turning Your Memories
Into Art

Easy Process
Just select the size and format and upload your photo!  We will take care of the rest.
Premium Quality
Your precious images are printed onto metallic paper and mounted by hand onto 4.5mm acrylic which is 100% UV resistant and Museum Grade. 
20 Years Experience
We have been in the photography industry since the 1980s and have been printing and shipping photographic wall art all around the world for over 20 years.
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Start turning your memories into art.
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