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About Us

Your Memories

Mounting your photos under acrylic will turn your memories into Art. Just choose your image, format and size and we will do the rest.
The Owner

Kristabelle Jarver

Life is busy. Whether it’s work, travel, study, kids or pets, there is always somewhere to be and something to do. And this means memories to make and moments to capture! When the founder was planning an interstate move, the question arose of what to do with lots of old CDs, USBs and computers that stored thousands and thousands of precious photos of overseas travel and wedding photos. What if every photo was lost in the move? It was this moment that the founder decided to select the most precious and loved photos and print them onto acrylic in order to hang in their house. 

To immortalise the moments and memories and feelings captured in the travel photos and wedding photos that had never been printed, only stored on CD and USB. Having been involved in the photography industry all their life and running a gallery that prints exquisite landscape photos mounted onto acrylic, they decided to print their own photos to turn them into art. And then the thought struck…. How many other people have hundreds or thousands of photos from their wedding, or newborn photos stored on USB or CD? 

How many other people haven’t had the time to print high quality photos and enjoy them on a daily basis? And this is how and why Me Then We was started – to celebrate life’s journey and milestones that are experienced along the way.  For those of you who have explored the world, started a family, celebrated a wedding or birthday, or who have a special fur-friend – immortalise your memories by turning them into art

Turning Your Memories
Into Art

Easy Process
Just select the size and format and upload your photo!  We will take care of the rest.
Premium Quality
Your precious images are printed onto metallic paper and mounted by hand onto 4.5mm acrylic which is 100% UV resistant and Museum Grade. 
20 Years Experience
We have been in the photography industry since the 1980s and have been printing and shipping photographic wall art all around the world for over 20 years.
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Start turning your memories into art.
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