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She sat staring ahead, never noticing that she was being watched.

About Your Wall Art

We print your precious memories on a professional metallic paper which has the highest archival qualities and is used by professional photographers. This metallic paper provides depth and clarity and transforms your image into a glamorous and eye-catching conversation starter!

Once printed, your image is transferred to our specialist framer who bonds (or ‘mounts’) acrylic to your image using an optically clear and archival mounting film. Metal is then bonded to the back of your image creating a sealed structure. Next, a hanging frame is affixed to the metal backing to provide rigidity. Finally, the edges are diamond polished, then hand polished.

The final product is a light-weight, sleek and contemporary Wall Art that you will enjoy for years to come!


Cleaning The frame

The 4.5mm acrylic layer over your photograph protects it and prevents scratching and moisture as well as UV damage. Use a soft cloth or feather duster to gently wipe over the surface.

See Hanging Instructions
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