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Frequently Asked Question

Popular Questions

How do I clean my Wall Art?

We suggest using a soft cloth or feather duster to lightly clean the surface of your Wall Art.

What are the benefits of mounting to acrylic?

Framing your photographs with standard glass can be inexpensive, but is relatively heavy, not UV protected and is reflective.  It is also prone to shatter when dropped. Acrylic is a great material to use as is lighter than glass and doesn’t shatter. Our product is 70% UV protected which will protect your image from sun and light exposure.

For a step by step guide to hanging your Wall Art please see our Hanging Instructions.

What if my photograph is damaged when I receive it?

Our products are fully insured during transit and we work with couriers who we trust. Having said that, sometimes accidents do happen…. If you do receive an order that is damaged due to transit or delivery, we ask you to take photos of the outer packaging and the photograph itself and contact us and we will arrange a replacement

When I upload a photo I get a message saying ‘This image is a low resolution and may affect the final printed result. By continuing you agree to our terms and conditions.'

We take quality seriously. We want you to have the clearest, sharpest and most brilliant wall art that we can produce for you. For this reason, we have set up a dpi check when you upload your photograph. We think that the minimum dpi for a quality image is 200dpi. If the image that you select to print has a dpi below 200, you will receive a message asking you to choose a different size or upload a different image. You will be able to proceed and print the image below 200dpi, however, we cannot guarantee that the quality will be the best.

I would like to print to a size larger (or smaller) than you offer.

Not a problem! Please contact us at to discuss your size preferences.

Do you offer packages?

Yes! If you would like to print a collection of wedding or newborn (or other!) photos, we would be happy to discuss a package price. Please contact us at

How much do you charge for shipping?

We charge a flat rate of $30 per order. For shipping outside Australia, please contact us and we will provide you with the cost, depending on the location.

How long until my order arrives?

From the moment you place your order to the moment it is delivered, expect approximately 7 – 14 business days. This covers the receipt of your image, printing it, mounting to acrylic, packaging it in preparation for shipping, and finally, shipping via an express courier. We will provide you with updates along the way.

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