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Hanging Instructions

She sat staring ahead, never noticing that she was being watched.
First Step

Unpack Acrylic Photograph

Unpack your Acrylic Photograph and find the wall hanging bar – this is an aluminium bar with 2 holes drilled in it. It will be taped to the back of the photograph.

Second Step

Determine the Position

Place your photograph against the wall where you would like to hang it and mark the top corners with non-marking tape. Handy hint: use masking tape!

Third Step

Position The Hanging Bar

Position the hanging bar against the wall with the 2 holes at the top. Position the hanging bar in the centre between the marks you previously made and 70mm down from the top of your photograph to the bottom of the bar.

Fourth step: You are nearly there…!

Secure The Hanging Bar

Make light marks on the wall where the 2 holes are located. Drill into your wall and fit a suitable wall anchor. Make sure that you select the correct anchor type for the type of wall that you are going to hang your photograph on, and that it is rated to support the weight of your acrylic photograph. Now, screw the hanging bar to the wall.

Last Step!

Lift Your Acrylic Photograph Into Position

Lift your Acrylic Photograph into position - it should hook onto the hanging bar via the matching frame on the back. Handy tip: You will need to lift the photograph above the hanging bar and lower it gently onto the bar, until it locks into place.

Now, stand back and enjoy your wall art!

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